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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Creative Prayers

O God,
you are the unsearchable   
 abyss of peace,
the ineffable sea of love,
and the fountain of blessings.
Water us with
plentiful streams
from the riches of your grace;
and from the most sweet 
springs of your kindness,
make us children 
of quietness and heirs of peace.

~Clement of Alexandria (c.150-c.215) Egypt

There is just something about finding a prayer that you can live and breathe until it lives and breathes within you.  I found this prayer in a lovely book, The Bridge of Stars: 365 Prayers, Blessings, and Meditations from Around the World compiled by Marcus Braybrooke. 

It was written by Clement of Alexandria who was an early Greek theologian and philosopher.  I've been praying this prayer for awhile and even shared it for morning prayers in the form of a book mark at a retreat recently, adding a photo at the bottom to illustrate the early morning meditation I'd been feeling with the prayer.  This morning as I sat with my journal and the book mark I had created, it chose to jump into my journal so I glued it in and as I wondered how to journal with it ... suddenly, I found myself drawn to the colors of the image.  I pulled out some oil pastels and allowed the colors to lead me even deeper into prayer.  It's not about the beauty of the image, it is about the beauty of the soul and I experienced that through this prayer.  I'm in a place of threshold, of waiting, a place of unknowing in my life right now.  Clement's prayer of words and my prayer of colors on the page became a prayer of threshold and a symbol of hope this morning.  I smile, I laugh, I love ...    

Where are you right now?  As you close your eyes, what colors illustrate the way you feel?  What is God saying to you about where you are and how you feel? 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Cherry Blossom Fairy Tale

A blind child
led by (her) mother
admires the cherry blossom
~A Haiku by Kikakou

And a fairy tale by Cindy, inspired through meditation on this haiku ...
Once upon a time there was a cherry blossom.  She was gloriously beautiful, pink, and joyful!   Cherry Blossom lived in a large tree at the edge of a famous orchard and all day long people would come by and admire the tree with its plethora of plump pink cherry blossoms but this one Cherry Blossom always felt like no one ever truly saw her.  She knew she didn't have long to live in the kind tree from which she had come, after all she was very fragile.  At the end of her life, she knew death was imminent.  She so longed to be seen, to be known deeply by someone.  

As the days passed Cherry Blossom suddenly found that all of her friends were beginning to die, one by one with just a puff of the wind they would float through the air before landing ever so gently on the ground below.  One day Cherry Blossom began to weep as she asked herself - "Is this all there is?"   To no one in particular it seemed to her but possibly to God, she said, "Please, oh please, let me be known before I die."  And time stood still.  Cherry Blossom saw a young mother and her child making their way along the path into the orchard.  For some reason, Cherry Blossom felt an instant connection as her attention was drawn to the quiet child whose soul was so compelling, she seemed to see nothing and everything at the same time.  

As the young mother and her child came closer, Cherry Blossom felt something flicker inside her.   As Mother lifted child higher and higher, closer and closer ... Mother put out her hand and gently helped Cherry Blossom to reach out and brush the cheek of the child.  The child sighed a deep sigh and the stirring within Cherry Blossom grew with great intensity until exploding within her.  Cherry Blossom finally felt seen by one who could not see.   She took one more breath and let go.  As she floated to the ground, she sang a cherry blossom song that had never before been heard and has not been heard since except by this sweet little child who carried the song within her heart.  And in her heart, Cherry Blossom lived on.

What is your deepest longing?  Of course, as I have written my fairy tale you can see that my deepest longing is always to see and be seen.  Isn't it amazing that something as simple as a few syllables in a haiku can invite such deep pondering?   I invite you to join me in pondering and writing ... After a time of centering, read the haiku and allow yourself to enter into it from the perspective of one of the characters or perhaps as an observer of the scene.  What do you see, hear, smell?  What do you feel?   Take up your pen and journal or maybe your computer and write a fairy tale.  Just begin with, "Once upon a time ..." and let it flow out of you.   If you are not finding a flow, go back and try entering the haiku from the perspective of a different character.   You may prefer to draw your fairy tale in an image, either one you draw, it can be as simple as color on a page, or one you find in a magazine that evokes the energy you find in the haiku.   Simple give yourself up to the process and you may be surprised at what you find hidden within. 

If you'd like to share your adventure, seek out a spiritual director or someone who listens deeply.  You can take the link to my website and email me if you'd like to share it with me.  I'd love to hear from you.  

Deep Deep Peace to you, dear reader.  Until next time, may you be held in the gentle embrace of the Holy.

Friday, April 4, 2014

White Flowers on a Cool Winter's Day

Poetry and Photo © 2014 Cindy Serio

White flowers on a cool winter's day
Resting together in sweet sister tree
A refuge for birds in the falling mist
Gentle beauty for a weary traveler on life's rocky path

My soul is weary and worn
I've been searching for God in distant places
longing for home, I weep

White flowers on a cool winter's day
Give me hope for spring,
warmth and new birth in my soul

Thank you, white flowers for calling me home
Thank you, dear God, for white flowers on a cool winter's day

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One Lone Bird

One lone bird sitting in a barren tree
singing full, singing sweet, singing loud
singing only half a whole love song

In heaven she waits for her one true love
Longing for his presence, his gentle embrace
How long she wonders, will I wait?
"patiently I sit, patiently I wait"

She sings with only the echo of their love
To keep her warm in the celestial field
"I love you. I love you. I love you."
 She sings ... full ... sweet ... loud

And earth smiles as the melody of her love
falls like snowy petals from a Japanese Pear Tree
Covering his frail form with tears and kisses

He dreams of her and she longs for him
as the other half of their heavenly love song forms in his heart
patiently he sits, patiently he waits

©2014 Cindy Serio
written at Cristus St. Michael's Hospital at my father’s bedside
photo of "one lone bird" who greeted me in the parking lot as I left the evening before ... 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

i see you ... come home

oil pastel and poetry © cindy serio oct 2013

I saw your reflection dancing in my soul last night,
a stale cigarette your only companion.

I saw you kissing the blueberry light far away,
embers glowing, fire burning, ashes falling like stars from the sky.

I saw you swirling your secrets among the aspen trees,
abandoned in the story written by strangers.

I saw you dressed in black silk as dark as the deep,
softly flowing, gently fading into your pain.

I saw you falling ...
falling ...

into the raging river ...
slipping away ...
slipping away ....
slipping away

i see you ....
i see you ...
i see you

come home

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